Construction of our New House

In 2006, we started construction of our new home. The actual house is being built in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It's a 2131 sq ft RTM (Ready To Move) bungalow. An RTM home is built just like any other house except it's built on temporary blocks, then moved to a permanent foundation when completed. That's right, they build it way over there, then will move it "all on one piece" to our quarter section near Miquelon Lake (between Camrose & Tofield). That's almost a 300 mile move.

Because of the high cost of building a house in the Edmonton area these days, doing it this way was much cheaper for a better built home. Total savings was more than $100,000 (even after cost of the move itself). I'll update pictures as construction progresses so check back from time to time.

Basement Pictures and the home site - Stages of development

Sept. 5/06

Sept. 25/06

Oct. 19/06

Oct. 27/06

Nov. 19/06

Dec. 7/06

Dec. 28/06

Jan. 19/07

Note: The 9 foot basement walls are made of Arxx ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms) blocks.


House construction pictures - Stages of development (being built in Saskatoon, SK)

December 2006:

January 2nd to 8th, 2007:

On February 9th we made another trip to Saskatoon (J&H Homes) and took the below pictures:

On March 29th, we went back to Saskatoon to see how everything was coming. House is nearly finished.

On May 14th, B&M Movers started moving the house from Saskatoon at 5:30 a.m. They arrived at our acreage at 5:45 p.m. I'm sure the house must have held up traffic somewhere along the way : )  As you can see, it was a wide load.


On May 23rd, B&M Movers slid the house onto the foundation. Because of the site layout, it was a huge challenge but they pulled it off and did an excellent job. All aspects of the move was very professional and impressive to watch.

Wow, heavy house!


More pictures from 2008


Aerial shots of our Acreage (before construction started)












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